What Every Startup Founder Needs to Know About Acquisitions

The growing trend in early-stage M&A is to ditch the suits. According to Dealogic, 73% of acquirers utilized a formal investment banking firm in 2003. By 2013, only 31% of acquirers used a formal investment banking firm. Ironically, M&A volume has increased, not decreased.

Anatomy of an IPO

When four year old PayPal filed for an IPO their trailing twelve months revenue was $138 million, while sixteen year old Coupons.com had trailing twelve months revenue of approximately $153 million at filing.

Sell Your Company, Not Your Soul

I attended Venture 2013 this month. The closing session, End Game: Exits & Liquidity Options reminded me of one of my favorite sayings from my technology investment banking days in Silicon Valley, “Anyone can launch a company. The hard part is...