Being an entrepreneur is like no other job. It’s not 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Some days it’s 9:00 am to 5:00 am. I’ve watched the smartest, most energetic people crumble from the stress. And I’ve watched average people, like you and I, master chaos. I’d like to share with you how I learned to keep my sanity.

I begin every single day in meditation. Before you snicker, hear me out.

Meditation is the practice of controlling your mind. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you wake up thinking about all of the things you must get done in the next 16 hours. This will paralyze you.

Daily Maintenance

I begin each morning in gratitude. I take a deep breath and exhale the words, “Thank you for this moment.” I can be grateful for the 5 seconds I have. I repeat this until I run out of things to list. It’s hard to be worried when you’re in gratitude.

Next, I run through the list of things I want to see in my day. Maybe I’m going to pitch a new business idea. Perhaps I have to go to an investor meeting. I de-stress by seeing myself walking into each meeting relaxed, focused, and ready to win. I see the outcome as I wish it to appear.

As I go through my morning routine of stretch, exercise, and a nutritious meal I review my gratitude list and goals. Then, I pull out my journal and I jot down any important thoughts, a list of things I would like to accomplish, and my daily goals. This helps to cement my day.

Seeing The Opportunity

As I move throughout my day, I no doubt encounter turbulence. I know I can’t avoid negative people or harsh situations, but I can choose to find the lessons in the madness. Maybe a rude waiter is a chance for me to have empathy. Perhaps a delay at the airport is a chance for me to read or catch up with an old friend. We all know a downturn in the economy is an opportunity to recruit talent.

Don’t Let Go of the Wheel

As an entrepreneur, it’s critical that you maintain your focus. If you’re allowing your mind to be hijacked with worry or daily stresses, you won’t be at your best. This is easier said then done. It takes time to retrain your brain to act and not react. This is why meditation is so powerful. When you want to react to a negative situation, simply take a deep breath and exhale, “Thank you for this moment.”

Aim to find the lesson. You can’t control your day, but you can always control your attitude.






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