How to Silence Critics and Cultivate Fans

If you are doing anything worthwhile, you will have critics. Learn to discern between those providing valuable feedback on your product or service and those who simply have too much time on their hands and a sour attitude.

Anatomy of an IPO

When four year old PayPal filed for an IPO their trailing twelve months revenue was $138 million, while sixteen year old had trailing twelve months revenue of approximately $153 million at filing.

3 Profit-Eroding Expenses to Avoid

Too many founders target markets that are sexy in order to attract great publicity. But if that segment isn’t buying, the business is just throwing money down the drain.

This is Why Your Company is Going to Fail

About 50 percent of all startups will not make it to year five and approximately 67 percent won’t make it to year 10, according to historical data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics over the past 18 years. The good news is I’ve documented why the average company fails.

Investing Against Patent Trolls

Whether or not it is wise to invest time and money to apply for a patent, trademark or copyright on your startup’s core intellectual property (IP) assets depends on the nature of the IP itself, your industry and its competitive dynamicsand the contribution IP is expected to make towards your startup’s ultimate success.

It’s a Personality Bias

I don’t believe that there is a gender bias, but rather a personality bias in the startup community. The startup world favors individuals who are focused on winning and are willing to go to any lengths to succeed. Unfortunately, women are typically raised in a manner that doesn’t develop these personality traits.