How to Know When Your Startup is About to Implode

A common question I get from entrepreneurs is, “How do I know when my startup is about to implode?” It’s an important question and one that needs to be asked often. The answer is not a simple one as it depends on several factors. You may have read about the 40% Rule....

How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Million Dollar Legal Mistakes

When joining or building a company, it is imperative that you understand the laws around equity. As an employee, not understanding how stock options work may leave you with expensive tax bills for worthless stock. As a founder, doling out equity too liberally will leave you with a sliver of the company by the time you exit through an IPO or acquisition.

Lessons from Zulily: Fans not Flashers

I like to refer to people who are attracted to flash sales as flashers. They want to get in, get a thrill, and get out. As an entrepreneur building a company, you don’t want flashers, you want fans.